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Welcome Offer! 15% Extra Discount On All Products
Welcome Offer! 15% Extra Discount On All Products

About Us

The story of Diwam Jewels is a heartwarming tale of friendship, dedication, and expansion. It all began when Babla Burman Ji and his dear friend Ashok Samant Ji embarked on their journey in the jewellery world as young goldsmiths at the age of 14. Their shared passion for craftsmanship laid the groundwork for what would eventually blossom into Diwam Jewels.

Tragically, Babla Burman Ji passed away on March 14, 2021, leaving behind a legacy for his son, Ashutosh Burman, and Ashok Samant Ji's son, Ankit Samant, to carry forward. Together, they stepped up to lead Diwam Jewels into new horizons, preserving the values instilled by their fathers.

Despite the passage of time, the bond between Ashok Samant and Babla Burman Ji remains ever-present. Their friendship was a cherished treasure, marked by shared experiences and laughter-filled weekends. Though Ashok Ji still feels the absence of his dear friend, the spirit of their friendship lives on through the enduring legacy of Diwam Jewels.

As Ashutosh, Ankit, and the dedicated team continue to navigate the path ahead, they remain committed to upholding the values of quality and innovation that define Diwam Jewels. With each piece crafted and each customer served, Diwam Jewels continues to shine brightly in the jewellery both online and in stores.

Under the direction of Ashutosh and Ankit, Diwam Jewels grew beyond its beginnings as a jewellery retailer, adding handicrafts, exclusive jewellery, and even blue ceramics to its inventory. This change brought Diwam Jewels into a more diverse market and attracted a larger customer base.

Step inside Diwam Jewels and immerse yourself in our enchanting world of artificial jewellery! From delicate earrings that provide a touch of charm to bold necklaces that command attention, our broad collection offers a wide variety of possibilities. Whether you want subtle elegance or eye-catching attractiveness, we have something suitable for each and all occasions.

At Diwam Jewels, we understand that jewellery is more than just ornaments; it is a reflection of your own personality and style. That's why we diligently choose everything from ancient classics to the most recent fashion trends. Whether you choose conventional sophistication or contemporary flair, we have something to compliment your unique style and boost your appearance.

Here's the greatest part: affordability is our first goal. We believe that everyone should be able to afford high-quality jewellery. So enjoy our magnificent range with confidence, knowing that you're investing in both beauty and value.

So, why wait? Visit Diwam Jewels today and find the perfect pieces to express yourself and make a statement no matter where life takes you!

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